Industrial Eyewear Program

  If your business requires safety eyewear, consider Fortney Eyecare Associates. We are the largest supplier of safety eyewear in Southeast Michigan, serving over 100 industrial eyewear accounts including General Motors, Daimler-Chrysler, Delphi Automotive, Lear, American Axle, and Detroit Diesel. Our extensive expertise and experience will ensure your employees and company are in compliance with ANSI Z87.1 standards.

  Fortney Eyecare has been the national administrator of General Motors' prescription safety eyewear program since 1992 and has been a recipient of GM's "Supplier of the Year" award. Our full-service eyewear laboratory allows for superior service, quality assurance, and nation-wide coverage. Advanced computer capabilities track utilization, eligibility and ensure accurate billing.

  Our facilities and computer capabilities provide your employee with fast, responsive service. National accounts will have eyeglass orders filled within days. If your plant is located in Southeast Michigan, and an employee breaks his or her prescription safety eyewear on the job, we can fix the glasses and have the employee back on the job within hours. To find out more about setting up a safety eyewear program, contact Bob Taylor at (313) 565-5600, or at